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Wholesaling property can cause trouble. Make sure you are advertising the product your selling. Don’t say you selling a house if you don’t own it. YOUR SELLING A CONTRACT. If you are doing a double close, be safe and market the house after you actually own the property. Lots of things can go wrong before … Continued

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Invest in real estate Running the numbers right

Running the numbers on your next real estate investment can make or break you. Do it right. You can control the return on your investment!! Having said that, your ROI forecasts are only as good as the numbers you start with. Here are the seven of the most common mistakes real estate investors make when … Continued

The Best Projects for Increasing Your Resale Value

  The Best Projects for Increasing Your Resale Value  When you flip houses, you know that your time means money. There’s no point in doing any project unless you know for sure that it is going to positively contribute toward your return on investment. Of course, not everyone agrees on what constitutes as a waste … Continued